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Salaris Consulting can show you how to maximise your employees remuneration, utilising federal tzx legislation at no added cost to your organisation
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The Salaris Approach
In a highly competitive market, ensure you have the right strategies in place to attract the highest calibre employess whilst controlling your payroll costs.

A Powerful Tool for Employers


Whether your goal is to use company resources more efficiently, implement FBT management strategies, increase accountability of salary expenses, or maximise employee remuneration, effective use of FBT legislation can offer a wide range of benefits to employers and employees making it a true win-win opportunity.

Through our dedicated four step approach Salaris has the expertise to deliver these benefits throughout your organisation.

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Salary Administration


Salaris Consulting offers a state of the art FBT administration and payments system specifically designed to ensure no additional work for employers.

The Bureau provides a full reporting and communication function for both Employers and Employees and can fully integrate with your internal payroll and other systems.

The Bureau is an efficient and cost effective outsourced solution for administering packaged benefits. Salaris will implement a project plan for the integration of the Bureau into your payroll process and seamlessly convert all existing packaging arrangements from your existing provider to the Salaris Bureau.

Employer Solutions


Salaris Consulting will assist your organisation to implement a remuneration packaging programme by:

  • Understanding your business
  • Reviewing your existing employee benefits programme and FBT Management
  • Advising on additional available benefits
  • Establishing appropriate remuneration options for your staff
  • Advising on the construction of internal policy documents including policies on motor vehicle usage, benefit inclusions and restrictions
  • Report on the cost savings and other benefits to the organisation as a direct result of using Salary Packaging
  • Providing ongoing consultancy services to your organisation

Employee Education


Salaris Consulting will conduct a series of in-house presentations for employees to explain the benefits of packaging.

These presentations are designed to:

  • Cover the basic elements of salary packaging
  • Offer a full explanation of the benefits available
  • Provide real life examples and package strategies

The understanding gained through these presentations, combined with tailored advice increases the rate of participation in packaging by employees. Presentations will continue to be offered as employee numbers increase and new employees join your organisation. Should there be any significant changes to FBT Legislation; presentations will be offered to cover these changes.

Package Construction


Comprehensive advice tailored to each employee's individual needs is an essential ingredient for a successful salary packaging programme. Every employee will have the opportunity to meet with one of our qualified Packaging Consultants in your offices offering 'one-on-one' consultations.

The key goals of this consultation are to complete:

  • A financial and lifestyle needs analysis
  • A checklist of the benefits to be taken up by the employee
  • A full explanation of the expected outcomes of the packaging arrangement
  • All application and payment forms
  • At the conclusion of this meeting the client receives a full report of their completed package detailing all tax benefits and take home pay