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Salaris Consulting can show you how to maximise your employees remuneration, utilising federal tzx legislation at no added cost to your organisation
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For Employers For Employees

For Employers
Salaris can show you how to reduce your salary on-costs by 5-10% while maximising your employee's net remuneration

Remuneration consulting is much more than allowing your employees to just package a motor vehicle, a laptop or even superannuation. Effective use of Fringe Benefits Tax legislation allows you to create greater efficiency in your process and reduce costs across your organisation.

The Fringe Benefits Tax legislation is a valuable tool for employers through which they can offer a broad range of tax effective benefits and allowances aimed at maximising the net remuneration of the employee while achieving cost savings for their organisation.

Strategic Remuneration Solutions for

Major corporations

Small and medium sized enterprises

Professional services firms

Management consultants

Executive recruitment and placement

Public benevolent institutions

Universities and private school systems